Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cold, Flu & Cough,

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Because of  the drastic weather change  everyone is falling sick i thought this will be a perfect recipe ........I came across this home remedy when i was working in Delhi, was down with flu so my house owners wife made this for me & i was perfectly fine the next day... thanks to her she introduced me to this miracle mixture that's what i call it, & it has never let me down since then..............this mixture is called as "Kadha"in Hindi & Sanskrit...means concentrated liquid preperation of herbs in water or other medium(decocotion),there are different types of kadha for each & every problem of the body but i know only few, lot of other ingredients are added as per requirement or personal choice.........the decoction can be taken as it is or with tea, milk or honey for masking the bitter taste..... 
Whenever somebody is down with cold, flu or cough in my household, i make this decoction.I have actually become very famous in my in laws house as whenever someone is down with any one of the above they will say make "Anu's Kadha" & when they tell me that, i feel on top of the world............won't you if you were me ....:)
This is a very effective mixture, it  gives relive from wet as well as dry cough, cold & flu, this is a sure shot remedy for all of the above.........i hope this works out for all of you healthy people & take care of yourself..........:) 


2 Bay Leaves
5 Green Cardamom
10 Cloves
10 Black Pepper
1 inch piece of Cinnamon
1 inch piece of Ginger
1tbsp Sugar/Honey
10-15 leaves of Tulsi Leaves(Basil Leaves)
1tbsp of Tea Leaves (Optional)
Milk as per taste(Optional)


Take all the above ingredients in small tea pan  except tea leaves & add 5 cups of water.

If adding honey instead of sugar don't add it at the start, add when the mix is reduced to 1/4th qty.
When the liquid starts boiling reduce the heat to low.
Boil the mix till the quantity is reduced to 1/4th .
Now add tea leaves & let it boil at low temp for 5min.
Now strain the decoction  in a cup .(mix warm milk  to it, if you cannot have it as it is).
After straining the decoction, the mixture  remaining  in the pan can be used 3 times for making  kadha if tea leaves are not added.
You can keep the decoction for a day or two without adding tea or milk.
Serve hot otherwise it will be not be very effective.

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